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colar margarita



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Margarita is Latin for pearl. Each Margarita holds 27 beads, an allusion to the common japamalas in Eastern culture, which aid the meditation process.


Our necklace has no religion; It is our tribute to each person’s faith, so intimate and unique – therefore, each piece is also unique.

It is meant to be worn and caressed, a meditative cherish full of stories.


To us, every bead in this necklace is a rare pearl, a nature’s gemstone.


Piece from the SerTãoDivino Collection, designed in partnership with artist Aline Victor.















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The ceramic beadsare molded and painted on clay by Deuzani, in Coqueiro Campo, Vale do Jequitinhonha, Minas Gerais; the wooden beads are from demolition wood, turned manually by Severino, in São Paulo; The crystals are all native from Brazil, handpicked to harmonize with the other colors.The thread that unites them all is from Buriti, queen palm tree from the Cerrado region.

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