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wall and table necklaces



Wall necklace


Margarita Magna is Latin for big pearl, and the term is also the name of this wall necklace made from clay beads from Vale do Jequitinhonha, crystals from the village of Coqueiro Campo and hand turned demolition wood.

This necklace has no religion and alludes the japamalas and rosaries used during meditation and prayer.


Designed in partnership with the artist Aline Victor, the SerTãoDivino Collection was created for the exhibition MOLDAR MUDAR – A VIDA MOLDADA NO BARRO DA ALMA  (To mold and change – the life molded on the clay of the soul), which took place in A Casa Museum, in August 2017.

























The clay beads are produced by craftswomen from Vale do Jequitinhonha using the traditional ceramic techniques of this region. The process is entirely handmade, from the extraction of the clay on the ground, its grinding, molding to the coating and firing in the stove. The inks are produced by the artisans themselves, with earth and natural pigments, as well as the stove where they heat the pieces. The wooden beads are from demolition wood, turned manually by Severino, in São Paulo; The crystals are all native from Brazil, handpicked to harmonize with the other colors. They come from the roads of the village of Coqueiro Campo, where they emerge from the soil in abundance. The thread that unites them all is from Buriti, queen palm tree from the Cerrado region. The support is solid wood, turned manually, and can be fixated on the wall with nails or screws.

margarita magna

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