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The SerTão Divino Project was born after a trip to Vale do Jequitinhonha, in Minas Gerais.


On this excursion we were able to grasp the incredible culture of the valley and its beautiful and delicate craftsmanship. We also met the strong and inspiring women that make them!


We saw their art: many dolls, a lot of flowers, lace, roses, saints, deities and niceties.


We walked though the villages of Coqueiro Campo and Campo Buriti and in our journey we saw fruit orchards, flower gardens, and simple but well-kept houses with their doors open to welcome us. Although the valley is known as one of the poorest regions of the country, we were met with a great deal of generosity there.


Dona Izabel, mother of Deuzani – the craftswoman who hosted us – said to us when we were saying goodbye:

“Pray, girls, for in this world, only with God”.


The SerTãoDivino Project is our vision on a culture of faith and hope, filled with divine beauty.


We created objects that help the individual connect with their faith and also tell the story of everyone who took part in the development of the collection.


SerTãoDivino Collection, designed in partnership with the artist Aline Victor.

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