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Exhibition held May/2019

In Galeria Yankatu


Jewelry for the home and body


As I assemble the beads I reminisce about old memories that encounter new ones; I go through the sticks and stones thrown my way and separate the ones which sparkle, amaze and teach me about life.

Knowledge born from contact and from sharing with people – from hearing the stories, from observing the beings and the nature, from the taste of food, from a scent of longing.


From such an abstract feeling that leads me to look up to the sky and ask: “why?”

It does not answer with words, but shows me day by day that happiness is found in small hours of carelessness (as Guimarães Rosa once said);

It shows that life is to be lived one day at a time; that we evolve on each step, each one of us at their own pace.


Welcome to this simple exhibition, inspired by my most fond longings and memories of the encounters that left their mark on a part of my life.

I have a great gratitude for your visit, and please share without constraint the good energies from the earth, from the crystals, the plants, and from all the good thoughts that we have built here.

Maria Helena Emediato

Vídeo Daniel Freire

Fotos Marcelo Oséas

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